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Screening Tomorrow : The Haitian Polo Documentary!! — As Haitian Heritage Month is underway, L’Union Suite, alongside, DJ Scripz, are honored to present The Haitian Polo Documentary, a film based on the young Haitian immigrant experience in Brooklyn, New York during the 1980’s and 1990’s. — Bringing the film to Miami on Friday, May 25, 2018, after a short tour in Haiti, DJ Scripz shines a light on the dark truth about growing up Haitian, when there was no cultural month designated for you. — “Bullying was real back in the ‘80s, Haitians were getting beat up to and from school when kids were just trying to fit into that Hip-Hop culture that was prevalent back then. It was important to me to let the world see the struggles we had to endure to simply stand up for our culture when others were trying to break us down,” shares DJ Scripz. — Friday May 25th!! Miramar City Hall 2300 Civic Center Place Tickets: — #lunionsuite #haitian #haitianheritagemonth #haitianamerican
Yes We Can ‼️ — David is a refugee from Haiti after an earthquake in 2010. He is the youngest of 9 children and is graduating today from Robinson high school in Tampa, Florida with a 4.08 GPA. In the fall, he will be attending, the University of Alabama to study physical therapy. Congratulations, David! 👨🏽‍🎓🇭🇹 __ #lunionsuite #haitianamerican #classof2018 #lunionsuitegrads #haitianheritagemonth
That one time when Haitian-Bahamian Model Anastagia Pierre met Prince Harry. Her current caption to this photo tho 😆 we feel you seester! — “I mean.. technically I was the first mocha princess that PH blushed for, but things just didn’t work out.. so whatever 🤷🏽‍♀️😂. Congrats to the happy couple! Is anyone else excited to watch the royal wedding?!! - Anastasgia — #lunionsuite #haitianamerican #bahamian #princeharry
Swipe: Comedian Godfrey in our comments apologizing to readers for posting the video! Proud to see this is the way he chose to handle it. Thank you for understanding @comediangodfrey and hearing out the community. — #lunionsuite #haitianamerican
Comedian Godfrey video is down! So we took our repost down too. — If you missed the story: Earlier we reposted a video of comedian Godfrey ( @comediangodfrey ) making fun of a Haitian woman who appears to be suffering while singing and praising on the subway. He posted the video to his thousands of followers calling her crazy which created a thread of his followers also making fun of her. While some people say it wasn’t that serious because he’s a comedian, many wanted the video down. After posting the clip, our readers headed over to his page to voice their opinions, less than an hour later the video is down. Not sure if he took it down or IG, but it’s down and your voices were heard. — #lunionsuite #haitianamerican
Caption this mood! ‼️ Congratulations Ashley 👩🏽‍🎓🇭🇹 — #lunionsuite #haitian #caribbean #haitianamerican #classof2018 #lunionsuitegrads
Los Angeles Football Club announced on Tuesday the signing of 18-year-old attacker Steeve Saint-Duc. The Haitian youth international will be added to LAFC’s roster when the secondary transfer window opens on July 10. — “At just 18 years old, Steeve has the best years of his career ahead of him,” said LAFC EVP of soccer operations and GM John Thorrington in a club release. “We look forward to helping Steeve with his development and continued growth as a professional.” — The player, a product of Haiti’s national development program, was MVP and Golden Boot winner of the 2016 Caribbean Football Union’s U-17 Championship, as the Haitians won the title. He also played in the 2017 CONCACAF U-17 Championship, serving as captain as Haiti finished last in their group in that tournament. Source: — #lunionsuite #haitian #sports #soccer #futbol #losangeles
📲 Swipe: Haiti ambassador to Vietnam Jean Lesly Benoit’s wife Jovana Louis Benoit 🇭🇹 selected by Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Vietnam, Her Excellency, Madame Hasanthi Dissanayake to be the Kandyan Bride face of Sri Lanka. — Mrs. Benoit is wearing a Kandyan Bridal Jewelry set contains 7 necklaces (Mala Hatha). 4 out of the 7 necklaces have pendants called padakkams. The popular designs used in a padakkam are floral patterns or designs of two or more swans interlocked at the neck. The swan meaning Hansa in Sinhalese represents purity and beauty. — #lunionsuite #haitianamerican #vietnam #srilanka #fashion
Excited to see more Haitians in the Dental field! — Dr. Mikenah Joy Vega DMD "So proud to have earned this Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for my Haitian Family. They came up to Boston from Florida and Haiti to be the loudest cheering section at the graduation. My family has worked so hard for all our blessings and I am so excited to give back. Being the only Haitian-American in my class I just want to inspire more Haitian-Americans to become dentists. Our people need more providers that understand them." — #Lunionsuite #HaitianAmerican #Haitians #lunionsuitegrads #haitianheritagemonth
Press Play ‼️ New podcast episode @thesuitepodcast out now featuring the Haitian artist, producer and drummer @jacksonchery 🎙🇭🇹 Listen as he discuss, the American vs Haitian music industry, singing about god but he doesn’t consider his music gospel, why the haitian community need transitional music, his band @ietband new single “Bless” and so much more.. — Available now on ITunes, Google and Soundcloud Team : @mrswanda @mjosephbk @louddistrict @hrfdumi @royaltystatements @thesilverslate — #lunionsuite #haitian #haiti #music #podcast #haitianamerican #haitianheritagemonth
Man, where were these cool teachers and principals when I was in school? — Haitian assistant principal Wilnic Gideon at this high school checking in with his Haitian students celebrating Haitian Heritage Month. 🇭🇹🇭🇹 — #Lunionsuite #Haitian #Haiti #HaitianAmerican #haitianheritagemonth
A family who represent together! 🇭🇹🇭🇹 — #lunionsuite #haitian #haitians #haitianamerican #caribbean #haitianheritagemonth

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