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Time to bring the quad out from hibernation.. #dronestagram #sendit
He is such a nerd, but he’s my nerd. No rain, umbrella.. no puddles, rain boots. Nice jorts bro. #jorts #trendsetter
The man. The myth. The Legend. I remember being handed a treat and told to throw it on the ground as you made eye contact with me blasting through the garage door because you were protective.. That was 7 or more years ago... and you accepted me as part of your family, literally smiled every time I walked through the door after. You are the poster child of judgement, a scary demeanor with a heart and soul of gold. You will be forever missed. #oneofakind
Ohhh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wien.... what thuh fuhhhhh.. #planters #overeverything #random
Just me and my guy, and the ridiculous requests that go along with it. #wouldntchangeathing
Me and my older sister go wayyy back.. I’m pretty sure since like my birth. #nationalsiblingday #ripcityontheyass #familyovereverything @suz.e.qs thanks for having my back, much love
Yell-ow Fall.. give me the colors.. keep the pumpkin spice.. #nofilter #portland #fall
Little Miss Mini V. She sneezes just like her mom, Frequently.. #allday #blessyou #blessyou #blessyou 💕 @vicvillarreal7

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