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हर्ष मौर्य 🕉 instagram @harsh_maurya_309 profile

Just lost in Nainital with double heart! 💖🏞 #tbtthebesttrip🔥#feels😍 Pc- @vaibhav_pandey08 (my boi!😁)
As a black man' my ambitions come in many different colours! ✴ #nainitaldiaries 💓
When she looks so beautiful' that i can do anything for her smile! 💕 @_self_obsessed_human 🌍💕 I'm sorry!😇
Smile is not my type of thing 🙄 But she likes it' so! ❤ @_self_obsessed_human 💕👅🌍
If you're not hated' you're doing something wrong! 👅 #summersgotmelike🙄 #eyes😶
लड़के ये भोले से जैसे जय और वीरू शोले के 💪 भाई❤
There's something about childhood friend' that you can't replace! 💗😊 #tbtlastnight #weddingbells #friendshipaboveanything

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