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Hi, I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of updates and it’s because I have GCSEs (exams) starting this week so I’m working for that rn. They last about a month so I’ll be pretty inactive, sorry. Good luck to anyone taking exams!! 💗 ~ Hannah x
Beautiful Trauma. Part 36. The siblings sat in silence waiting for the results. They only had to wait ten minutes but it felt as if they were waiting for hours. Long and painful hours. “I already know I am.” Y/N spoke up, her voice so quiet. “I can feel it.” “What?” Louis finally looked at her for the first time since she told him. “I’ve gained like three pounds, I’m sleeping all the time and just want to eat. It would make sense.” Louis didn’t reply. His eyes just drifted back to the floor. “You don’t have to stay. You can go out, I’m fine-“ “You’re obviously not fine Y/N! And being left alone got you into this mess in the first place!” Louis snapped, catching Y/N off guard. “Plus, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my night out.” Y/N just nodded, not wanting to annoy Louis anymore than he already was. They continued to sit in silence until a phone beeped saying it was finally time. Y/N let out a shaky breath as she slowly stood up and headed into the bathroom as Louis watched her. “Well?” He asked softly once she came out. Although she didn’t say anything, her face said everything. “Positive.” She whispered and that’s when she let her tears fall. “Y/N...” Louis was quick to comfort her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a tight hug. “It’s okay.” He kept mumbling as Y/N cried, her body shaking. They stayed like that for a while until Y/N pulled away, wiping away her tears. “What are you gonna do?” Louis asked. “I don’t know. Keep it probably.” Y/N shrugged. “Keep it?!” Louis gasped. “Yeah. I mean, it was my mistake and I should pay the price.” “But Y/N, this is a baby, an actual human being, not some prison sentence or something.” “I know, but I can’t kill it. I couldn’t do that.” Y/N shook her head. “What about adoption or something. There’s options.” Louis tired to convince. “I couldn’t do that either. They’d always wonder why I gave them up and wonder where they came from.” Y/N continued to shake her head. (Continued in comments)
Beautiful Trauma. Part 35. Y/N’s POV “I... erm... I...” I tried to speak but failed miserably. “Y/N why the hell do you have a pregnancy test?” He raised his voice a little. “I... um... I think I could be pregnant.” I mumbled as I looked anywhere to avoid Louis’ intense stare. “W-what do you mean?” He stuttered but some sort of anger lingered in his tone. “Um... a few weeks ago, me and Harry went out and, well... did our thing-“ “You still do that?” Louis interrupted. “I thought you stopped.” He scoffed. “I-I was gonna but... I didn’t.” I shrugged before clearing my throat. “Anyway... I went home with this guy and everything happened so quickly that I don’t think I was actually processing what was happening and-“ “He had consent, didn’t he?” I was interrupted again. “Yes, it wasn’t that... I knew what he was doing but... I was also wrong.” I managed to say. I wasn’t sure how to word it. “What do you mean?” Louis asked as he frowned. “I thought he put on a condom but... he never did.” I mumbled, my throat becoming dry. “You’re fucking kidding me!” Louis scoffed as he shook his head. “Seriously?” I just nodded, not being able to say anything else. “Absolute dickhead.” “Yeah.” I whispered in agreement. “What’s his name?” Louis asked but I didn’t answer. “What was his name Y/N?” He repeated. “I don’t know.” I answered, my voice barely audible. “You don’t know!” Louis roared. “How do you not know-“ “I never found out!” I interrupted, my voice at his level. “He never said.” My voice lowered while Louis just scoffed once again before sitting down in silence, his head rested in his hands. “Are you gonna take it?” He asked after a moment of silence. “Yeah,” I breathed. “I need to.” “Are you gonna do it now?” He continued with questions. “Should I?” I asked him making him nod as he mumbled a yes. “Okay.” I nodded before getting up and heading into the bathroom.
Beautiful Trauma. Part 34. Y/N’s POV “I’m gonna head out now,” Louis’ voice made me look up from my phone. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” He asked again. “Yes! Go! I’ll be fine.” I tried to laugh. “Okay.” He let out a breath. “Try not to die.” He joked as he grabbed his things, slipping into his coat. I was about to direct my attention back to my phone when Louis let out a sigh, making me once again look at him. “My phone.” He patted himself down. “I think I left it in the bathroom.” He pretty much spoke to himself before leaving the room, allowing for me to go back to my phone. “Y/N?” I heard Louis after a few minutes causing me to look up. Seeing what he held making my heart stop as I felt the colouring running from my face. “What the hell is this?”
Beautiful Trauma. Part 31. A tired Y/N stumbled into her bathroom, having just woken up from a nap. She felt awful and seemed as if she was completely was out of it. For the last few nights she had barely slept and she didn’t understand why. Whenever she normally felt sick she’d just sleep it off but that wasn’t the case with this. After doing her business and washing her hands, Y/N stared at herself in the mirror. The bags under her eyes seemed to be growing bigger and her eyes were somewhat red. She couldn’t deny she looked a mess. The never ending growing pain in her stomach prompted Y/N to reach for some medicine, standing on her tip toes in attempt to reach it off the top self but when that failed she grabbed her weighing scales, using them as a step stool which was a success. After letting out a sigh, Y/N popped off the cap, grabbing a couple of pills before putting them in her mouth followed by some water, once again sighing as she looked down. She stared at the scales in a daze for a moment but the longer she stared the more she thought something didn’t seem right. They read a completely didn’t number than the last time she weighed herself nearly five weeks ago. She had put on nearly three pounds. Y/N knew she had been eating excessively lately but didn’t think it was that bad. She tried to shake off the thought as she put away the scales but something caught her sight. Tampons. She hadn’t had a period for a while but she didn’t think much of it. Assuming it was off because she hadn’t been feeling good, although she knew that wasn’t the case. Her mind ran miles thinking off possibilities as to why she was late, but than she remembered. That night nearly four weeks ago with the nameless ‘fitty’. The sudden thought made a completely different feeling build up in her stomach.

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