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My Clients made it to Rome and had a great time visiting the Vatican and seeing the Pope up close. ❤️
Who wants to go to the amazing all inclusive Alexandra resort in Turks? Contact us today and we can get you there! Info@exclusivetravelpartners.com
Michelle Shay helped her clients create these amazing vacation memories!❤️
Sandra’s clients are enjoying an extra special day at Disneyland today!
Fun at Madame Tussaud’s last night! #gtmelite #gtmwest2018 #gtmwest #etptravelco
Time for a double decker bus ride in Vegas! Headed to Madame Tussaud’s! #gtmwest2018 #gtmelite2018 #gtm #gtmelite #etptravelco #vegas #madametussauds @gtmelite
Tim is BUSY this morning meeting with vendors in Vegas at #gtmwest2018 . We are so excited about all of the vendor partnerships we will have after this to offer you more! This mornings 1:1 meetings include (and this isn’t even the full list) scenic luxury cruises, Mark Travel, Marriott, Venetian Las Vegas, Australian tourism, Regent seven seas cruises, Titanium Tours, Apple Vacations, Universal Orlando, Avis, Travel Impressions, Star Clippers, American Cruise line, Palace resorts, Ireland Castle Hotels, Puerto Vallarta tourism board and MUCH MUCH MORE! @gtmelite
ETP agent Nikki is in Disney World for agent training and look what they gave her! What would you ride if you were given these “golden tickets” for each park?

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