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Redondo Beach looking onto the Palos Verdes Peninsula. California. 😊
Dubai. Oops sorry, Manhattan Beach. The Strand. Ocean front property on one of the best beaches in California.
I’d never heard this before (where have I been!). Profound. And with “The Greatest” along with the caption, not only one of the finest black men who ever lived but one of the finest humans period, makes it so much more special. And on the race subject...shame on you Starbucks. I’m in there all the time and don’t buy anything - just me and a laptop. Repost from RSVLTS.
Beach city USA (one of them anyway). Hermosa Beach, California. True story: I lived in Hermosa for a few years. Over time some new neighbors moved in and liked to party...loud, and late. Even after multiple pleadings to ask them to keep it down after say midnight, nope...same thing. So I go to the Hermosa Beach police Dept. I tell them the story and ask if anything can be done. The nice lady police officers reply? “It’s a party town”. As in, we can’t / won’t do anything. If you are under 30 and want action - live there. It’s also very appealing to family’s wanting a beach lifestyle - if you can deal with the density and lack of space. Oh, and it ain’t cheap!
Accurate Home Values! Unlike those automated online things. I had a listing that was off over $700,000 under the actual value!
Pool anyone? Just sold Redondo Beach 6 bedroom Estate home listed @ $2,549,000.
The Manhattan Beach Strand. Guess the value of each of the 3 homes sandwiched in between larger newer homes. These small original beach cottages are highly desirable if they come up for sale due to the land value of the location, location, location...a direct view of the Pacific Ocean. Hint..$4Million each wouldn’t be enough...
Musician? Need a home with a recording studio? They are out there. I’ve sold several. Another option is for the home to have an ideal space to install a studio. Being a musician myself I know the appeal of being able to record without leaving home. I remember being in Lindsey Buckingham’s home studio in Bel Air while he was adding a track to some of our music. Great house, great studio. Contact me if I can assist.
Buying or selling a home is a special thing. It doesn’t happen every day, and it’s never cheap - especially in California. When you are ready, my advice would be to engage someone you trust to assist you in making wise decisions that can have an affect on your life for years to come. As many of you know, my clients often become personal friends. This is serious business, and it’s all about you. Entertainment business a speciality. Confidentiality agreements signed upon request. All my clients are stars.

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